For the Advancement of Leadership Effectiveness.
To Inspire Extraordinary Results.

Effective Leadership is Wisdom in Action.

Are you a leader? Of course you are.

We are all leaders because we all have the ability to influence others in some way. The question is, can you become more effective in leading others in positive ways? Of course you can. By awaking the wisdom that is within you and putting it into action, you will become a Highly Effective Leader.

WISDOMINLEADERSHIP is a professional coaching and consulting company committed to helping leaders advance their effectiveness, inspiring extraordinary results from those they lead.

Dan Wilson, founder and president of WISDOMINLEADERSHIP offers a unique combination of having served in many leadership roles coupled with years of successful business experience, plus expertise as a certified professional coach that will help you tap into your own wisdom and make you a more effective leader, inspiring extraordinary performance and results from those you lead.

WISDOMINLEADERSHIP works with executives, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders at all levels – as well as leadership teams, work groups, and entire organizations in achieving greater results through the advancement of leadership effectiveness.