Abundant Living Vol. VII, Issue 39

Every day is a blessing, we should all know that. But sometimes things happen that make us more keenly aware of how blessed we truly are and how precious life is. Friday was one of those days. We knew it would be because it was the day our newest granddaughter was supposed to arrive, and indeed she did, right on time. At exactly 10:33 a.m. Corrina Carol Wilson entered our world weighing in at seven pounds thirteen ounces, healthy and beautiful. The whole event could not have gone more perfectly for both mother and baby.

What we didn’t expect was that at the same time Corrina was being born Grandpa (that would be me) was being treated in the emergency room of the same hospital having passed out while on an early morning jog falling face down in the street. Fortunately, Tee was not far behind and two other joggers happened to be coming toward us. The joggers aroused neighbors to call 911 while Tee tended to me and our dog Cowgirl protectively stood guard over the situation. All were angels who had they not been there . . . . well, the outcome might have been much worse.

Doctors discovered pulmonary embolisms, blood clots that had developed in the pulmonary arteries of both my lungs reducing the oxygen in my blood to the extent that I passed out, no warning signs, no prior symptoms. Even my regular doctors confessed they could not have predicted such an occurrence. According to them had it not been for my otherwise good health and physical condition plus the rapid response of the angels nearby the whole event might have been much worse. The good news is I’m going to be okay, no long term damage. The bad news is that my face looks like I’ve been in the ring with Mike Tyson, black eye, broken teeth, and stitches in my chin. That, of course, will all heal over time.

Corrina and Grandpa in the same hospital at the same time – both here by the grace of God – what a family story that will be in years to come! It all serves to remind us that every day is a blessing, but sometimes things happen that make us more keenly aware of how blessed we truly are and how precious life really is, and that God is good – all the time. Friday was one of those days.

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