Abundant Living Vol. VIII, Issue 16

Did you ever imagine yourself starting a movement? You probably already have and didn’t realize it. We often think of a movement as something grandiose like the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr., or a movement toward a cleaner environment, or a movement to revitalize a blighted part of the city. Such movements are life changing and world changing, but so are the movements you and I start.

So what is a movement anyway? A movement is nothing more than vision plus action. Vision by itself is only a dream, but when action is taken toward that vision – no matter how small – it has been put into motion and a movement is started.

Many years ago when our children were young we went on our very first family ski vacation. None of us had ever skied before so we joined a class to learn the basics. Once we were able to remain somewhat upright on our skis the instructor began to show us the next important element of skiing, how to turn. After teaching us some of the basic mechanics using our toes and feet and positioning the tips of our skis just right the instructor said this: “The most important thing to remember is that if you look over there you will go over there.” That is to say if you look toward where you want to go followed by just the slightest action with your toes, feet, and the tips of your skis, like magic you’ll go over there. In other words, you’ve started a movement in the direction you want to go.

We’ve probably all started more movements than we ever realized. Whatever our chosen career or profession it no doubt started with a vision followed by a course of study or training to prepare us for that particular field. That was a movement. Those of us who have raised a family have had a vision of the type environment we wanted our children exposed to and took whatever steps necessary to create or provide that environment. The same can be said of building a house, starting a business, or changing the direction of an existing business or organization. That’s a movement.

What about now? Do you have a vision about something in your life, business or career? Take action – even the smallest step – toward it and you’re in motion. You’ve created a movement, one that will be life changing for sure – maybe even world changing.

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