Abundant Living Vol. VIII, Issue 33

“Our destiny is determined by choice, not chance.” – Unknown

There are certain parts of our background and makeup over which we have no control. We were never consulted, for instance, about who our parents would be, the color of our hair (or in my case, the lack of it), our height, nationality, or shoe size. These were determined totally without our say so, the result of which may cause us to be tempted to think of ourselves as mere victims of circumstance. Not so; for each of us has the ability to make choices about how we play the cards we’ve been dealt, and even in spite of the cards we’ve been dealt. In other words, our destiny is determined by choice, not chance.

In a previous Abundant Living (Vol. VIII, Issue 28) I made reference to Jim Collin’s newest book, Great by Choice. Admittedly, what attracted me to read this book in the first place was the title itself which seems to summarize the very point Collins is getting to, that people and organizations do not become great by simply making a choice to do so; rather people and companies become great by making good choices along the way.

If you have been following the Olympics recently there is story after story that demonstrates this. One of my favorites is about twenty-one-year-old Brigetta Barrett who won the silver medal in women’s high jump. As a teenager Brigetta left her home in New York and with her mother’s blessing moved to Texas to live with relatives where she would be in a better environment to pursue her dreams in sports and music. There she encountered a track coach who recognized her talent and challenged her to become the best she could be, and in doing so became an Olympic star. Would this have happened had she left her destiny to chance? No, Brigetta got to where she is by making great choices.

To be created in the image of God is to be empowered to choose. Thus each of us has the power and freedom to make decisions – good or bad, wise or foolish – the results from which will determine our destiny. So we must choose carefully – and it’s never too late – for our very life and happiness are at stake.

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