Abundant Living Vol. IX, Issue 10

“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.”  – Proverbs 4:7 

Solomon was little more than a lad when he inherited the throne from his famous father King David.  A daunting task lay ahead of him to lead what was then the greatest nation on earth.  But in a dream God appeared to Solomon offering to give him whatever he asked for.  He could have asked for a long life, honor, or wealth, but instead he asked God for wisdom which pleased God immensely, so much so that he granted him long life, riches and honor as well.  [ref. 1Kings 3:4-15] 

Wisdom seems to be one of those words that is often either misused or avoided altogether.  We misuse it when we substitute it for knowledge or intellect, or at times even cleverness or commonsense.  And even though knowledge, intellect, cleverness and commonsense may contribute to it, it is not the same.  Wisdom is far more than that.  True wisdom is not just knowing, it is understanding at a deep and personal level about people and God and relationships, and how to apply these understandings in ways that produce positive and effective results.  Furthermore, wisdom is not something that can be acquired through normal human endeavors such as hard work and study.  Instead it is an awareness that occurs deep in one’s soul, which is why the word is often avoided altogether, as for many it seems too elusive.

In my experience these past years of consulting and coaching executives and leaders from many walks (and everyone is in a leadership role in some way) it has become clear to me that the key to effective leadership is in fact wisdom, and that what I have been doing all along without realizing it is guiding people in the direction of wisdom – not mine but their own – and helping them recognize it, tap into it, and put it into action.  That should explain why, in case you are wondering, this week’s Abundant Living message is in the form of a new presentation, introducing a new brand and logo design.  (Be on the lookout in the days to come for a more formal announcement about this.)

In requesting wisdom Solomon asked for the right thing, for as the Proverb states “wisdom is supreme”.  Seems to me it is something we all should be seeking.

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