Abundant Living Vol. XX, Issue 22

“Let us not become weary in doing good . . .”  – Galatians 6:9 

Sometimes we can’t see the trees for the forest.  Or is it, we can’t see the forest for the trees?  Both, actually; for while at times we get so focused on individual trees that we lose sight of the big picture of what is going on – the “forest,” that is.  Other times, though, we stare at the forest and fail to recognize those gorgeous individual trees that without them there would be no forest.  Unfortunately, most of the in-your-face media we are subjected to these days draws our attention to the forest, which appears to be on fire with all the political and cultural divides and nations on the brink of war.  Get too absorbed in that, as most of us do, and we are apt to overlook those magnificent trees.

I became keenly aware of this – the trees, that is – after a bicycle accident this past week landed me in the hospital for two very long days and nights.  Credit that I am now on the mend with no long-term damage goes not to some dark forest where one gets lost, rather those individual magnificent trees who one after another came to my rescue, aid and comfort, medical care, and most importantly love, support, and prayers.  How often, I was reminded, we place our hope in the likes of politicians and world leaders, systems and policies – the forests – when our real hope is simply in one person helping another.

Karla, with a K she said when she introduced herself, a stranger, was the first to witness my accident and render aid.  I will never forget her.  Tee, of course, for her selflessness and constant care.  The amazing medical staff, doctors, nurses, and other helpers at Baylor Hospital McKinney.  All the many concerned neighbors, friends, and family members calling, texting, dropping by to offer prayers and support.  Dear friends bringing us dinner.  And then there was Ronaldo, the produce guy at our local grocery where Tee had stopped to pick up a few items.  When Ronaldo saw her alone he asked, “Where your husband?” in his broken Latino accent.  “He’s in the hospital,” she responded.  Startled at first, then dropping everything Ronaldo ran and threw his arms around her, as if Jesus himself was right there in the produce department at Kroger!  A magnificent tree!

Big, magnificent trees, each one of them.  The forest can be a dark scary place, but when we stop and look up at a single tree, that’s when we can see the light shining through.  So, may we never, ever “become weary in doing good,” for that is where our real hope lies.

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