Abundant Living Vol. XI, Issue 42

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  – Psalm 118:24 

Remembering one of my best days:

A popular party venue in my small hometown was a room on the second floor of the city hall / fire station just above where the firetrucks were housed.  It was a large open space with glossy hardwood floors perfect for dancing, sparsely furnished with only a few tables and some folding chairs lined up along the walls.  All that needed to be added to transform it into a party room were some home baked cookies, a tray of sandwiches, and a bowl of punch, all courtesy of the host moms; that and a portable record player with a stack of 45 rpm’s of the latest hit songs.

The parties I attended there have long since become a blur after all these years, except for one, and even that one I remember few details nor the purpose, probably someone’s birthday.  We were about thirteen at the time, that awkward age when boys and girls were uncomfortable interacting.  The girls sat on one side of the room waiting for the boys to ask them to dance, while the boys sat on the other side trying to muster the courage to ask.  Sound like a familiar scene?  Eventually, thanks to some coaxing by the host moms, someone would break the ice and we started dancing.  That particular party was no different than any of the others, except it was the first time I ever consciously realized I was having a really great time – in the moment, rather than days, weeks, or years later.

It was one of my best days, in spite of being an awkward, clumsy, shy early-adolescent.  And I don’t even remember much about the party.  What I do remember is that sudden overwhelming sense of joy for what was happening in the moment.

How easy it is to become distracted by the problems and anxieties of life, the pain, grief and fears we face and fail to recognize those special moments that are right before our very eyes.  The Psalmist offers us the secret to overcoming these distractions so we can experience more “best days”.  Simply pray these words:  “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

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