Abundant Living Vol. VI, Issue 11

At least once a month you will find eleven-year-old Casey Rogers hanging out in the parking lot directly across from a Burger King in downtown Dallas, Texas where he spends his day distributing food and clothing to the homeless and needy.  It all began over three years ago when Casey and his dad were at the same Burger King and a homeless man approached his dad for a handout.  According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, “That struck a chord with Casey who was a foster child when he first went to live with Russell and Shelly Rogers a few weeks after he was born.  The couple adopted him when he was one.” 

“I was just like that,” Casey remarked to his parents, referring to the homeless population, “look how great y’all helped me.  Why don’t I help them?”  So, young Casey Rogers did a remarkable thing.  He founded his own charity called “Casey’s Heart” through which he gathers donations and distributes them to the homeless in downtown Dallas. 

Casey seems to have an amazing understanding about what we should do with our good fortunes when they occur, especially at his young age – that blessings are multiplied when we allow them to flow through us.  It’s like water that flows in a river or stream keeping it fresh and pure, providing for other living things along its path to flourish as well, rather than becoming stagnant and eventually evaporating as still water often does. 

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow . . .” proclaim the familiar words of the Doxology sung so often throughout the world.  Casey, though, expresses it this way, “. . . look how great y’all helped me.  Why don’t I help them?”  

Have you been blessed with good fortune in your life?   If so, take it from eleven-year-old Casey Rogers and allow your good fortunes to flow through you, providing for others along your path so that they might flourish as well.  It may surprise you how much your blessings will multiply.

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