Abundant Living Vol. VI, Issue 29

As it so often does this time of year the summer heat has descended on Texas with a vengeance with temperatures rising near or above the century mark almost on a daily basis.  Yet here we are, Tee and I, in the midst of all this heat undergoing some major renovations around our house requiring a great deal of physical labor much of which is outdoors.  You’d think we would know better at our age especially since the medical community and the news media consistently caution us about the dangers of these high temperatures and how essential it is that we keep ourselves well hydrated.  They’re right, of course, and I would not begin to speculate how many gallons of water I have consumed in recent weeks, which is probably what has kept me healthy. 

Like the summer heat this extended economic recession – some are now referring to it as the “Great Recession” – has descended on our society with a vengeance with gloomy financial news being reported almost on a daily basis.  And just as we must keep ourselves hydrated during exposure to high temperatures there are certain steps we must take to avoid the dangers of emotional depression and loss of hope that can occur during times such as these.  Here are a few:  (1) Work.  Work tends to beget work, so keep working whether or not you are employed.  If you don’t have a job that pays, volunteer at something.  You’ll be rewarded for it down the road.  (2)  Learn.  Read, study, or take a course in something.  Learn a new skill, a new hobby, new technology, more about the world around you, more about yourself.  It will keep your mind sharp and prepare you for a brighter future.  (3)  Experiment.  This is a great opportunity to be bold and creative, to experiment with new ideas and new methods.  You might be surprised what you will discover.  (4)  Stay fit.  Take care of your health, eat right and exercise.  You’ll have more energy, look better, and feel more confident about yourself.  (5)  Have faith.  Recessions don’t last forever, they never have.  So have faith in what is to come, faith in yourself, and faith in God. 

And when the tide returns – which it will – it will be the ones who have continued to work and kept themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit who will be riding the first big wave.  They always are, and it could be you.

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