Abundant Living Vol. VI, Issue 35

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 9:37 

The economy seems to take two steps forward and three steps backward, doesn’t it?  It just can’t seem to get any traction.  What’s it going to take to get it going again – more stimuli from the government, bankers loosening their purse strings, improvements in real estate and the stock market? 

Several weeks ago we went into a large well-known department store to purchase a wedding gift for a family friend.  As we entered the gift department we noticed three sales clerks sitting together at a desk chatting.  Obviously business was very slow.  Since we had already decided on a gift to buy we asked where we might find that particular item, to which one responded by pointing – without getting up – “Over there,” she said as she continued to chat with her co-workers.  Hmm, I wondered, how many times have I been guilty in my own way of the same type response?  How often have I waited for the phone to ring, a client to walk in, or someone else to stimulate my business? 

That incident caused me to spend some time examining my business, and in the process it occurred to me that I happen to reside in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America where, in spite of the sluggish economy, the prospects are enormous.  Yet the truth is there are not enough trained, experienced coaches who do what I do to serve all the needs – just in this one marketplace.  “The harvest is plentiful,” in other words, “but the workers are few.” 

 “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want,” according to Zig Ziglar in one of his many inspiring quotes.  Zig’s right.  When more of us who are able begin to help other people get what they want and need the economy will get traction and get going again.  That’s the real answer.  Then we’ll see that Jesus’ words are not only true about the Gospel but apply to business and the economy as well:  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

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