Abundant Living Vol. VII, Issue 23

According to a recent interview with Steve Siebold who authored the popular book, How Rich People Think, there exists today more opportunities for people to become millionaires than any other time in history. Now for most of us that may seem to be a rather bold claim given all the negative financial news we’ve heard in the past week, including an unrelenting erosion in the housing market and a continued high rate of unemployment that shows no signs of relief.

In his interview, however – which I happened to catch on the internet – Siebold explained that it is in just such times of rapid change and economic chaos as these that new opportunities arise, and it is those creative, ambitious, entrepreneurial types clever enough to take advantage of it who stand the best chance of reaping substantial financial rewards.

Whether or not Siebold is correct in his claim only time will tell. His message, however, is worth considering. In his book, How Rich People Think for instance, which admittedly I have only scanned and not read, he observes how the middle class – meaning most of us – see money as finite, whereas rich people see money as infinite. Well of course they do we might think, they’ve got lots of it. No, his point is that it is because they see money as infinite that they became rich in the first place, not because they already are rich.

God did not create a world of scarcity, but one that is abundant in resources, which is what makes Steve Siebold’s message worth considering; for even though he uses the language of money it is not about wealth. Rather, I see his message as being about living with an attitude of abundance in all we do. For just as those who see money as infinite will be the ones most likely to become rich, and those who seize the opportunities that exist in the midst of these times of rapid change and economic chaos will become the next successful entrepreneurs, so will those who recognize and appreciate the abundance of creation enjoy a life that is rich and fulfilling. That’s what Abundant Living is all about.

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