Abundant Living Vol. X, Issue 32

“We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”  – Psalm 78:4 

Wedding Dress – Part 2

For some reason the harp caught my eye.  Then I remembered what Debbie the antique lady had told me, that it was a young woman who plays the harp who had purchased my grandmother’s wedding gown.  Could this be her harp, I wondered?  Sure enough within moments a charming young lady appeared asking if she could play something for us.  “Of course,” I replied, “but first may I ask you a question?  Did you by chance buy an old wedding dress from an antique  . . .?”  Before I could finish the question I noticed her jaw dropping as she ran toward me, a total stranger, and threw her arms around my neck.  “I’ve been dying to meet you!” she exclaimed.  We had been shopping for vegetables at the local farmers’ market on a recent Saturday morning in the old historic district of downtown McKinney when we encountered Heather the young harp player who had set up there to entertain shoppers and perhaps pick up a few tips.  For some time we sat there with her while between songs she shared with us about discovering the dress in the antique store and how she was touched by the story about my grandmother.

Besides playing the harp Heather’s other passion happens to be vintage clothing which she not only collects but also wears occasionally when she performs.  As it turns out my grandmother’s wedding gown had fit her like a glove and she has since worn it a number of times while performing.  But what makes the dress extra special to her is knowing the story about my grandmother, her history, personality, and her character.

We never know how or when our life might touch another life, sometimes even years after we have passed on.  My grandmother would be thrilled – and so am I – that her story and her wedding dress live on through this talented young woman.  It just goes to show that her life mattered, and continues to matter.  So does yours, so does mine, and so does Heather’s.  Let us not hide these stories from the next generation, so they will in turn pass them along to the next.

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